In Rio….

4 02 2007

   So moving as usual stressed me out, I hate feeling like I have no home base. But it went off with out much trouble, hopped on the bus to Rio and here we are.  On the bus to the metro there was this suspiciously insane little dude who wanted to be my bestest chum… he was going on about airplanes and other random things.  I was very nice and ignored him, pretending I understood nothing… which was amusing and fine until he grabbed my arm to tell me how pretty I was and i should be his friend.. ick…..

   Anywho it was cool getting back to Mellow Yellow, and getting to see Jess.  And trying to catch up on all the gossip… not fully updated yet!  We went out to Lapa, last night and it was good Ipretended to Samaba most of the night (like till 4am).  But My feet hurt pretty badly at the end of the night and I was really tired, especially as I was probably the only one not drinking (off the sauce for a bit bc the last couple of times I drank I just felt ick and none of the fun silly drunkeness).  The ride to Lapa was entertaining… since our bus got pulled over by the cops bc dude was speeding and then we hung out for ages while they worked out their bribe…  I was being a monkey and hanging my head out the window staring at them so i got called over.. and they asked me some silly questions one of whichI didn’t understand (turned out later they were asking me about drugs ahahahha).  Anyway then I asked them questions bc I was bored, and then one was like ooh do you want a picture with us and our guns to which he drags out atillery riffles and other scary weapons… I WOULD love to!!!! But I was so bummed I didn’t have my camera.

Anyway Today was relatively uneventful. I went to the beach, and we went to this street block party, pre carnival thing where we were acosted by drunken boys and had to make our escape (for the millionth time in the last day). Back to the hostel to make some chow and hang out.

More later (like when something else happens lol…)




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