Random things that amuse me…

27 01 2007

So I had this really random dream last night, and I distinctly remember wanting to blog about it.  Something about a tiger, and  $10,000… and some other really random stuff that seemed to makes all kinds of sense seconds after waking up.  But I kinda got nothing now.

   Anyway so Tracey and Ray sent me this amusing menu thing, and there was some other stuff on there I found pretty fun too..  just click on the  links.

Here are a couple of little video’s and there will be more to come:

I guess that is all for now, I really have to get packing…. 😀  I love packing… think positive.

oh and don’t forget to click on the add at the end of the movies… so I can get my pennies :D! Thanks



2 responses

29 01 2007

omg – i just read the menu and the other stuff – i thought i was going to die. so funny. will watch the vids later.

31 01 2007

“fuck the salt(beautiful pole)Duck chin” does this mean i need to add salt later….

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