27 01 2007

So I called up my sister, and we had a great little chat.  We ended up talking about this movie that we both came across (other people introduced us to it), it was kinda cool that we both watched it this week.  Anyway It’s cool and interesting, some people would find it odd or kookie but whatever.  We both liked it though and it sparked a pretty interesting conversation.

And then she told me about how someone she knows was talking about these eggs that he wanted to buy.  That were partially developed embryos.. that are part egg and part bird… but wait if you boil them it’s ok bc the beak bones feet and feathers aren’t fully developed so you can just chew right through them………. gross.. I think I have heard of this before  but still ick ick ick ick ick with the detailed description…
So here is a picture of one… and a blog I found of someone talking about it.. anyway totally ick and I though I would share it!

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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew apparently this is all common in Taiwan EEEWWW i lived there for 5 years and never heard of anyone doing this there EEEWWW.. ick ick ick…. the beak and the feathers man…ew




3 responses

28 01 2007

yeah i saw that once on Amazing Race – fucking nasty.

28 01 2007

I suddenly have new found love and admiration for the lovely little bubble in which I live… ICK

29 01 2007

agreed, the half developed embryo is really pushing it!!!! How would you like your eggs, scrambled, boiled or with a beak and feathers???? Wretch.

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