And I thought I needed a hobbie…

20 01 2007

Ok so I have cleaned the bathroom, and the kitchen.  They are both cleaner than when we moved in (have to clean before we go.. and I needed something to do :D).  I guess I’ll have to start on my room.. bleh, although I have already started packing (I need to pack everything I’m not taking with me to the north for storage for the month).  Bah I hate packing, not as much as moving but ah well… c’est la vie.  I’ll be mollified with the knowledge that I intend to spend the next month on various beaches!

Ok well back to the cleaning grind (Tracey has been eaten by dingo’s if anyone was wondering :D).

Oh and some of my most entertaining and amusing photo’s and why…. to liven up an otherwise dull post.

Lets get the ball rolling with the Red knicker shot, to those who know the story behind this picture ha, and those who don’t tough.  Anyway I like it bc well I look awesome, but it amuses me to no end bc I put it on Buzznet, and it has Views: 664.
                                                                               sexy girl

This second one is HILARIOUS, it was the homeless shot of me when I was out shopping with Nadine… made us laugh so much!

This one is more of the first, no story just me messing with my camera phone.  But this is the message some dude left on my buzznet about it … (and you thought you spent to much time on the computer).  what is the name of this black bikini body sculpture? i am waiting for your answer friend.P.S. By change do you have a phone or an address.  Seriously?!? is he kidding? my phone and address???? 345 views btw.

OK narssis is retiring for today.. one last one.. This MAD cool picture I took while fiddling with things.
                                cool car




6 responses

21 01 2007

hey nice pics, i need to take some hot body shots of myself for those down days, btw boys are stupid.

22 01 2007

ahhhah, the homeless shot – how many tries till we got it right? That was fucking hilarious, almost as funny as the dirty looks we got walking through the Bay (or whatever store it was), all the uppity snobby bitches looked at us like we were going to rob them or something. How dare we breath their air – hah hah.

23 01 2007

my blog has new posts

23 01 2007

yes yes they are.. the stupidist animals on earth

23 01 2007

hey tman those dirty looks and shit where only funny later.. not so amusing at the time!!

23 01 2007


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