Ants in my tea…..

16 01 2007

I’m ouber grumpy, but I’ll write about that in a second.

So went to the park today, and on the way home there was a huge police presence on the road.. almost a road block except they were letting cars through just single file and slowly.  But there were 50 + officers all packing some serious fucking hardware.  Riffles, auto, semi auto, shotguns, pretty much an American NRA-ers wet dream.  No idea why, but I assume it has something to do with the favela further down that same road.  Anyway, what was funny about it was how blase I was about it.. just cycled on by said hi to the dudes at the bottleneck bit waved and carried on.  Later I was think hu… nothing seems to phase me anymore, probably would have been a little different at night but still.  There where a lot of F-ing guns on that street.  BTW, when you hear about people dying, it’s almost always cops and criminals.. they’re the only ones shooting at each other.  So if you cops fully armed up.. that means skedaddle :D.

   Ha then to add to the fun, (that was really near my house 3 blocks away) and then I turn the corner to my place and BEHOLD more cop cars!!! oh just one but about 4 more showed up in the next couple of minutes.  Now I assume they where there for the domestic people, but I didn’t hear them yelling at each other this time so I’m not sure.  I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary when I left, but when I came back from jujitsu, I saw that their door had been forced open.. I’m assuming by the police.. :).  I’ll ask around and see if I can get the gossip :D>

  Ok so why I’m grumpy.  Well one reason is my back doesn’t seem to be getting any better, it feels fine most of the time with the occasional twinge here and there but over all ok.  Except when anyone puts their weight on me, which happens a lot in jujitsu :(.  So not being able to train properly when I only have a couple of weeks left is kinda frustrating.  And also I got in trouble today, bc I forgot the names (but still knew how to do them) of two positions, and  forgot the names and was fuzzy on how to do two others.  The reason I was in trouble?  Bc they were pretty basic stuff, things that I have to know to have the stripes on my belt.    Now, i understand I need to know this, but we never practice basic stuff, I mean never, most of those ‘basic positions’ I had never seen before the super training, and I haven’t seen any of them since.  I was getting frustrated bc I was getting in trouble, and upset bc I never get to practice this stuff.  Plus there is the added expectation on me bc when I do do something I generally do it very well… so when I make a mistake, it’s not little it’s huge.  Now I don’t want to go back… bc I’m upset.  My back hurts and I was getting crapped on for not practicing thing that I never get the opportunity to practice.

oh and the ants thing?  There are these tiny ants EVERYWHERE… we used to try to poison them.   But it seems to be a loosing battle so we gave up.. (the are practically microscopic).  Ha they end up in everything, including our tea… and the other day i remarked on how I had become some accustom and indifferent to the ants that I didn’t even notice them anymore, even in my tea :D.

ok.. well I feel a little better now …




3 responses

18 01 2007

sorry about your back – and your classes, that sucks. Sounds unfair. And little ants everywhere? YUCK. Post when you hear the gossip about the cops, I’m dying of curiousity.

18 01 2007

btw, what’s with the same thing posted twice? computer troubles?

18 01 2007

dunno… I fixed it

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