Dude and you thought your relationships were dysfunctional…

14 01 2007

Ok, so I’m home alone :D.  And what have I managed to accomplish in these couple of days?  Well I’ll get to that in a minute.

   So I’m not sure if I mentioned the domestic dispute people down stairs, but they are rather famous in my building.  So the people who live two floors down regularly ‘get into it’, I mean full on entertainment style fighting, screaming, throwing of dishes, howling, profanities.  Fun stuff!  Ok, anyway there has been an increase of  frequency lately, not sure why.  Seriously the building manager down stairs has to call the police on a regular basis, I mean I came home at 3am and there were like 10 cops outside of my house.  Now normally, this being Brazil, this would insight panic, but nope just a chuckle, bc I just KNEW it was the people downstairs!

Anyway so what I have accomplished, bubkis!.. That’s right nadda.  Ok well I watched some Tv, read some bookage, played some silly computer games (bc that;s how I like them), and … dumm dumm de dumm.. I realized something!!!  I have over come my fear and depression that goes with boredom..   Let me tell you normally when I am bored I get all sad and freaky, BUT!!!! I am bored, I mean full on serious boredom, and I’m still in a good mood enjoying my self.  I’m being a little lazy.. and would like to work on that.. but :).

Although today, I did manage to go for a run, a little bike ride (to the park and back), read my book in the park, and I made a nothing yummy SAMMICH… fuck now I’m hungry..




2 responses

17 01 2007

I’ll bet they must have PHENOMENAL make-up sex – why else would anyone put up with that kind of hostility? That being said, I hope they aren’t actually beating each other up… BTW that video of dude licking his nipple – that is priceless that he would go for that in front of a camera, never mind the minor detail that it’s GOING ON THE NET… brave soul. And funnier than hell. See, you helped him discover his hidden talent!

17 01 2007

Good god, I hope not! As it is dude and his daughter that get into the screaming matches. The wife seems either non existant or mousey. I did hear the daughter lecturing the father one day when the police where around about how he’s an asshole to her mom.. so maybe mom is mousey.

I well with the nipple licking it wasn’t planned, I suspect he forgot about the camera in the excitement :D. Besides he makes films (BMX) so he’s used to filming going on all the time.

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