Floripa, sorry so slow.

13 01 2007

So in Floripa, Well the details are a little Fuzzy.  Which might be better anyway :D, it’s not that interesting.  We arrived in Floripa, just after Christmas, and there was this mad crew of people there.. it was nuts.  But they left the next day, and it was pretty chill and cool.  I got along fairly well and had a lot of fun with most of the people there.  Had some seriously amusingly good times hanging out with everyone.  Met Chris, this skinny very sun burnt but funny English dude, the Israeli guys Tamir and Liran (who apparently spent the entire time in their military service playing poker and learning magic tricks), this cool Panamanian girl named Annabelle, this American girl named Dallas, and a few others.

Here is a FAB little video of Chris!   A cool pic too

Anyway I didn’t drink all that much nor did I party much, but I had a good time and was in freaking heaven with the beaches.  I love the beach.  Oh and I got to give surfing a go, that was wicked fun, and I really sucked at it! YEAH.. ha ha

Here are a few photo’s and if you click on them they will take you to flicker to see the rest (there are a lot from the falls in Argentina, the Floripa ones are in there after them).





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