12 01 2007

Ok, so I am a boring individual.  This morning at 7:50am my phone starts ringing off the god damn hook, piss me off.  The building manager was supposed to be coming by this morning for something or other but not till 10, i was so pissed off I turnedmy phone off.  (turned it back on at 9:30am).  But no more calls (there were about 15 this morning.  Just fucking rude.

  Anyway So tracey went off with Chris to Paraty, I am kind broke though so I’m sticking around here.  I might make a over night trip somewhere and stay with some couch surfer or something. (I’m all over the free thing).  Anyway I have spent a lovely day doing bubkis, :D.  Though I am feeling lazy as in wanting to do something, I think I will get up early tomorrow and go for a bike ride and a run.  Going to try to get some yoga in tonight.

  Anyway, I made this sandwich just now… and it was MAD yummy.. go sammich go! go sammich go!  I would have taken a picture and stuff but I inhaled it first :D.  Ok th emain point of this post was me posting about my sandwich.  Oh and I have Alf on the brain, I have watched almost 3 whole seasons of it .. Junkie!

Oh and a new video,

or Copy and paste this if clicking on the picture works.




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