Bow down to the Master…

7 01 2007

Fuck! I amaze myself even!!!

I am the queen of the PROCRASTINATION.. seriously.. amazing.  I have been putting off posting and look still haven’t frigging done it (about floripa).  And seriously I have been going running for about 2 hours now and I’m still in my pajamas!!  In all fairness i have been doing damage control and emailing like a mad woman (have almost replied to everyone now).  I am going to go running as soon as I finish this.

I swear I really am going to post about my adventures in Floripa, but right now I’m going out.  I’ll write about emergencies 🙂 and damage control in a bit.




4 responses

8 01 2007

so funny i didnt read the porteges until just now. i love it i see you are learning all the right sentances and conversation words for your trip

8 01 2007

where where? I’m so confused.. where did I use portugese.. ??

8 01 2007

no no you didnt use it on your flicker accout, you took pictures of the book. i thought it was funny what you are learning..

8 01 2007

oh.. ha thats from this other dudes book! I can say way more than that… ha.. not what I’m learning.. but fucking funny none the less! (that was in the lonely planet brazilian portuguese phrase book…)

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