Magda goes to paraguey without a visa….

3 01 2007

ok so the stories for new year and Floripa are coming, but this just has to be told fresh.

   So yesterday I left Barra da Lagoa, on the bus with annabelle.  And what do I realized halfway to town.. I lft my fuckig bad with my money and passport at the god damn hostel.  Jump off the bus stop this surfer dude and acost him to drive us back to the hostel.. and Im totally freaking out.  ok now back on the bus and Içm toltaly concerned about time, oh wait I can´t tell time, I left way early by accident so now even with utter stupidity in play I have loads of time.

  ok long boring bus ride to Foz do Iguacu.  ARRIVE, its 7 am… 18hrs on the f ing bus…   get to the station, but no I have to take a city bus to this otehr station to get a bus into argentina.. no problem.  Ask outside, bus driver says yeah cool no problem get on Içll let you know whento get off… (never trust bus drivers… just donçt do it).  La la la on thebus Im happy all is good.. ooh look a big river.. hmm… must be close.. whao what the fuck did that sign just say?????? WELCOME TO PARAGUEY!?!   fuck shit ass fuck… ok so I am not allowed in to paraguey with out a visa… stay on the bus explain the problemt o the bus driver heçs all appologies and sorries… takes me back to brazil with minimal incident.   Turns out that Paraguey doesnt patrol their border… weirdos

  ok new Bus, he will take me to argentina .. not through paraguey.. ok on the road… have to get off at the border to get my stamps….m get stamps all good… wait for the next bus and wait and wait.. and so on.. chit chat with the federal `police for a while get asked on a date by one of them.. ha.  and then bc Im bored of waiting he stops this guy and tells him in a rather forcful policeman kind of way.  Take this girl to the argintinian border let her get her visa stamp, then driver her into Porta igacu and take her to her hostel. madness… so I get a ride so cool.

  after that is rather uneventfull and normal so Içll writ later… I have loads of pictures tho..




3 responses

5 01 2007

Good Lord! You must have been freaking OUT!!


5 01 2007

hey happy happy and merry merry, and all that stuff, sorry i havent been around, i have been in smithers busy busy, glad to see you are having fun still and i will talk to you later

6 01 2007

ps.. you look amazing i hate you… no i dont i love you, but i guess i should join juditsu or what ever
loves ya

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