Kenny and Dolly for christmas (I’m not explaining :P)

26 12 2006

So christmas in Brazil was a little dull.  As  we said yesterday it’s like any ol’ monday with presents, which prompted Tracey to say   “omigod we should exchange gifts every monday!”. 

   So we went on a little scavanger hunt looking for well pretty much anything that would be open on Christmas day, bc we were trying to find some ingredients to make eggnog.  But of course everything was closed, and I mean everything.  Well with the exception of a random newspaper stand (where we got icecream.. yum) and this Totally random lunchanette with the most random things under the sun.  They had corn meal for goodness sakes, though they didn’t have nutmeg or vanilla extract.. sigh.  Anyway it was a nice day and we went for a nice walk :).  We can home and muddled through with the ingredients we had.. turned out ok I think.. but I have nothing to base it on since I have never had eggnog before, no one in my family likes it. 

Oh I forgot, I got two pairs of earings (from me!!!), and this cool shirt I saw, that tracey actually went to the store and delt with the horror of trying stuff on and the trerrible lines, and she also got me this cool white belt.. safe bet really it’s shiny, white, big and has circles.  And my mom got me a ‘free flight to fort aleza and acomidations’ from vince travels :D:D. that was a surprise.

  Other than that (and the freak storm that lasted about 10 mins),
I spent the majority of the day on the phone and the internet talking to people.  Actually it was kinda nice, I didn’t actually get to talk to everyone I wanted to apparently the number si have for a bunch of people are too old and they have moved.  But I had a nice long and great chat with my sister, my friend Nadine (so glad we reconnected!), Ray in England, My mom and a few others.  And I left some silly messages on people answering machines.  I didn’t get to call my family in albetra but I am calling my mom back so I’ll call them after that today.

   That was about it for my christmas :).




2 responses

26 12 2006

that tree rocks!!! yah chatting on the phone was cool – I’ll try to remember to sign in to skype once in a while and give you a call OW hurts to type I’ve got a sliver in my finger – crap…. make it go away….

26 12 2006

BTW dahling, that music was definitely the cheesiest shit ever! SO LAME!!! Hey, I didn’t say I didn’t like it…

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