Christmas eve salsa dancing?

24 12 2006

Now don’t get excited.. we were just watching it on tv….

  So I was kinda excited bc i have wanted to go to a movie for a bit, and We decided to go see something today… not at all realizing the theater would be closed.. bummer.. the mall was open.

  But i wasn’t allowed to shop bc Tracey got me something from the mall… and I haven’t a clue what it is.. thought I have my suspicions about another gift.. will confirm if I was right tomorrow.

  Anyway have had a wild and exciting day …. sitting watching tv.. oh and I saw 2 shows today that had people talking about lists… you know things they wanted to do… made me think..

   Mine are mostly places I would like to go.. but I think I just need to go online and look up fun things and then I shall have a long long list… though thinking about it was kinda fun and cheery bc there are lots of things I have always wanted to do.. and honestly I think I have done the majority of them that came to mind.

   Anyway things I would still like to get to are :

  • Go to Egypt, see things but especially the pyramids
  • go to Damascus
  • go para sailing
  • learn to surf
  • go hang gliding (planning on doing that next month in Rio..)
  • Learn how to Salsa and things like that
  • Learn to swim (competitively) and do a triathlon, and maybe run a full marathon
  • and more things that I haven’t thought of yet….


Not too shabby… ah well Merry Christmas everyone.
I’ll be making some calls tomorrow!




3 responses

25 12 2006

i’m with you on the egypt thing, i would love to see the pyramids.

25 12 2006

come with me 🙂 we’ll make a trip of it 😀

25 12 2006

i would love to – better start saving up!!!

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