Onset narcolepsy?

19 12 2006

So we took the bus back to Sao Paulo on thursday. Thrilled to get out of the hostel and back to my beloved computer ;).

Lazed around and then when out on Friday with my friend Rodrigo, they had all these crazy ciparinias made with paint thinner vodka… ah the drinking. Then off to burgerking, where I just mooched scraps :D. And then had some dude try to get my number, let make this clear we were waiting for Rodrigo to get the car and dude was going into the parking lot in his car and was trying to make a move from his car.. so weird.

Got home at like 6, and then slep the entire day, not solid mind you got up had some toast, watch tv.. pass out, wake up.. read pass out etc… not too odd thought considering being out all night. And then … seriously the guys call us at 1130pm and are like hey wanna come to the beach? right now. uh ok. So out we go, crash at someones house crawl out to the beach get a little sun and then back to the city. very strange.

And monday.. grand plans of running, going to jujitsu… ok generally doing anything but no no slept all freaking day… and I had slept the entire night before… sure I went to bed a little late but come on… again with the reading… and out.. watch tv and out drink tea and out.. WTF.

So today I got up nice and early (ok 10.. but that a little early) and still managed to jack a little reading a little TV, went to Walmart actually that took like 3 hours (it’s kinda of a long walk) and bought a Fan.. ha ha! (I get really cranky when I’m too hot when sleeping.. it’s the only time the heat bothers me.)

Had the best intentions of going to Jujitsu today ..but I ended up chatting online to a friend through both classes.. whoops. Thats ok i had great fun and a lot of laughs heard some FANTASTIC stories about another friend … good times!

And I have put some more pictures on flickr…
if the link doesn’t work then copy and paste this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/magdalicious/




2 responses

23 12 2006

dude, you are way too busy! I get exhausted just reading your posts! Hope you are having the most fab time.

24 12 2006

omigod you crack me up… seriously most of my days are spent laying around napping etc… get up watch some tv… read a little. Take a little nap, go for a run.. take another nap, go to jujitsu.. watch tv.. nap.. talk on the phone.. nap.. etc

seriously .. with the napping .. bc I’m bored ha ha but a nice bored

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