Quenti Bunda

17 12 2006

So Post funk party, came home and then spent the majority of the next day being mellow and chill.. ok and a large part of it sleeping like a lump on a log.

Then on Tuesday …hmm I don’t know what I was up to on Tuesday.. must have been dull.. but I do remember feeling a bit grumpy bc a large number of people (and by people I mean friends)while being well meaning and ‘just joking around’ said somethings that came off pretty harsh and mean.

Anyway there was this party for the hostels 2nd anniversary and if was kill your self with booze, oh I mean all you can drink.. well I was hanging out with Jess and we seemed to take that all you can thing quite to heart. There was swimming drunkenly in the VERY cold pool, the pig milker, and dude who busted into the house stole some fruit a blanket and a blue silk pillow…

All in all a decent night but FAR FAR too much to drink.

The next day was a day of suffering, still drunk when I woke up.. I layed in the hot tub .. minus the bubbles and the hot… for a while and then joined some friends at the beach bc it was “gasp” sunny for once. Got a nice little burn to go with my hang over.. came back to the hostel and hung out with some other suffering people in the ‘cold tub’. Not much up that evening other than me trying to find someone to play scrabble with.. (strangely .. no takers).

and off on a bus the next day.

So I just realized I haven;t mentioned any of the great people I met. I met and hung out with Claire’s friend from England Katie (pictures to come soon), obviously with Claire and Jess, and the two Canadian guys, Tayler and Cyrus, the Canadian girls from Dawson’s creek of all places (they were so funny!!) Tasha, Jo, Jena, and .. damn it .. I forgot but their friend that joined them right near the end, and bunches of other people.

But I have to say my favourite person I met this time absolutely had to be Jakob, he seriously had such tragic things happen to him, but he was the most cheery upbeat guy. Possibly the nicest guy ever… we had this dork off… and he totally cheated…. so FUNNY. I wish they sold Jakob in stores, everyone should have a Jakob I say!

more later




4 responses

18 12 2006

They should invent cell phone toy Jakob’s… so that you can hang him on your cell phone and smile every day cuz he’s so cute 😀

19 12 2006

So… are you aware that almost EVERY time you talk about drinking, you say that there was way to much of it? Then off you go and do it again? Ah, to be young. I drank far far too much on Dec 2, and haven’t touched a drop of alcohol since. And don’t plan to! As we get older, the hangovers get viciouser. Not cool. Enjoy it while you still can. There’s a reason that Mom and I don’t drink… LOL!!


24 12 2006

I’m going to kidnap him and keep him!

24 12 2006

Yeah tracey and I have established, that she is a nice and steady drinker and I don’t touch the stuff but then I make up for it when I do… so yes I drink far too much 🙂 but only on certain days :D….

I’m pretty good about managing the hangovers… exercise… vitamines and lots of water.. 😀

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