Arrival and drunkenness in Rio

13 12 2006

Right, so on the bus we go. Get to Rio and meet up with Claire and her friend Katie who has just arrived from England. Have a couple of drink, do the get to know you think. Generally just have a laugh. We end up going shopping at this market which was mostly funny bc we had been drinking a bit before so needless to say might not have been making the best of decisions.

That was Thursday, and a nice day but not too terribly eventful.

Thursday (shockingly enough) was followed by Friday. During the day we went and rode the Tram up to Santa Teresa, looked around and did a bit of shopping. That night we went out to Lapa I got shockingly drunk (not sure how though as I only had 3-4 drinks), but all in all it was a good night.

On sat we spent most of the day recovering from Friday and gossiping about who had seen what, and who had done what with who … and about the cute boys that where being chatty (everyone seemed to go off in their own directions so we had a lot to catch up on in the morning).
To be honest Sat was a bit of a write of for me, slept felt ick, ate Mcyuckies, slept some more, tried to motivate my self to go out again that night with Tracey and Katie, but as that was a bust anyway kinda glad I bailed.

On Sunday we decided to go shopping at this huge shopping mall, (why do I always forget I don’t really like malls very much?) there weren’t many people there when we got there and it was alright found a fantastic shit and had loads of fun in this cheap shit store, heh. But the day wore on kinda quickly after that and we all got a bit tired and cranky and had massively sore feet. I came up with the best idea for malls though, they should have napping stations… where you can go get a quick foot rub while you drink your tea and then you get 30 min in a hammock to rest up. Oh that and the mall shoes big poofy slipper type things that make you feel like you are floating on air.. AIR I SAY. The bus back from shopping was hell.. tons of us crammed in a little wee van for 2 hours.. no idea why it took so damn long (ok bc traffic was ass but still), ha in the end I started chatting with the bus dude.. and he gave me a candy yeah!

So Sunday night we went to the infamous Favela Funk Party. It was totally entertaining many many grindy sweaty bodies. Good times… I did get a bit cranky at one point bc this one guy just wouldn’t take no for an answer. and I honestly didn’t mind the occasional snog (kiss) but he was really full on and pushy and he pissed me right off. Anyway .. people are waiting to use the computers again and I hate it when they hover so that’s all for today I’ll try to get more in tomorrow




4 responses

14 12 2006

seriously, patent that whole mall napping station idea – you would make a KILLING!!! open your own chain!!!

16 12 2006

i totally read that too fast and thought it was a real mall and was SO EXCITED

18 12 2006

lol.. that and fast fondue… I’m telling you!

18 12 2006

ha and I read yours too fast and thought… dude it was real mall with shopps and everything… hahahahah no nap stations though

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