how odd

8 12 2006

so when I have nothing interesting to write about Im all good about posting all the time and then when I actually do something interesting and worth mentioning Im silent.

Anyway last weekend I did that super traiing thing for jujitsu (40 hrs not 80). I was really good and fun actually. But physically draining especially bc /i had this henous cough and couldnt go home. Anyway at the end I got two stripes on my white belt…. thought Im not entirely certain I deserved both of them.

Anyway that got me more interested in the whole thing! plus I had a lot of fun hanging out with all my jujitsu friends. I got to practice a lot of portuguese!

any now Im back in Rio for the weekend… or untill I get bored essentially 😀

But I have to go right now bc I need the potty and there is a stinky time limit… besides I hate this key board.. nothing is where it is supposed to be and I still cant fine the appostrophe!




One response

14 12 2006

heh heh – about your first point – i’m totally the same way. Hey i guess when you have interesting stuff happening, who has time to post? most of my entries are drivel. point being nothing interesting ever happens!!!

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