Where the embarrassment comes in..

29 11 2006

So you got drunk and where all silly, big deal you say. Oh no it’s worse than that :P.
Yes, was drunk and was ridiculous silly, that not such a big deal just funny. What made me embarrassed and not want to go into the club was that I remember rather clearly my friend Jeff interrogating me.

He said he’s heard I had the hots for one of the guys at the club, and he wanted to help me sound who ever it was out. Well, my being trashed and conspiritory, thought this was a great Idea even though he was about 3 feet away. And not so subtly pointed out that I think Tiago is kinda hot, and this other guy named Rodrigo too.

Jeff being the grand lad that he is (also known as jack ass:P) promises to see what he can find out. The last thing that I remember from the club is winking laughter and promises that things are on the way to getting sorted!… Crap…

So Yesterday went in head hung a little low, and shockingly quiet for me… Couldn’t even look Tiago in the eye bc I didn’t know what Jeff had said or done.. and I’m a wus. Did notice that he seemed to walk by more times than necessary, and he sat down awfully close to me on a couple of occasions (coincidence right?).

Anyway Later on Jeff showed up and fucking practically pissed himself laughing at me (I knew I had a reason to be embarrassed, apparently I’m funny when retarded). Apparently he told Tiago that I think he’s cute and I would like to get to know him better… and Tiago thought he was lying bc I never talk to him. ha ha.. any way… will try to be more chatty in the future and see what happens.




One response

29 11 2006

I seriously think that every four or five drinks should come with a roll of duct tape so that we can tape our mouth shut before we say stupid stuff – we’ve all done that, we’ve all been retardedly embarrassed (hey my last major embarrassment came without alcohol, so don’t feel bad!) Funny how so much stuff seems like a good idea until you actually do it – then you’re like “oh shit, I DIDN’T!” Hmmm, do you have a pic of Tiago to post?

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