Drinking and dailing

28 11 2006

Ok, so I had a bad day the other day.  And spent sunday being cranky. 
On monday Tracey and I went to a school for a job interview.  Took a bus which is always hialrious, since it’s a trip down mystery lane.  At the school we had to take an English test, which amused me to no end, especially since not all the questions made any sense.

   Anyway took a bus back to Santa Cruise for fast fondue, yeah!  Unfortunatley it ws pouring rain when we went to leave so we were stuck in the mall for a bit.   Anyway on the way home we stopped to get mojito stuff.  So… it seemed like a good idea to have a drinky poo…

  And another and another… long story short got really drunk.  umused a few people by calling.  Luckily didn;t send too many silly emails.
Unfortunately going to jujitsu to say hi seemed like a good Idea, I’m fairy certain I made an ass of my self.  Going in today should be moderately humiliting.  Face the music…


Anyway… passed out around ten… I plan to get some things done today as yesterday was a total right off…
ok well I’m done for not I have to go play with my money program now.




6 responses

29 11 2006

Hells, no. We laughed our ASSES off! We could barely make out 50% of what you were saying. Mind you, in your defense, it wasn’t the clearest phone line. But jeez gurl, you talk fast anyway, add a few drinks in ya? Whoooo! Crazytime!!!

Truly loved hearing from you, though. Nice to know you are still alive. Insane, but alive… lol.

BTW: You look FABULOUS!!!


29 11 2006

See I think the problem is… mojitos are 40%rum 30% sugar and the rest is ice and mint… so not only drunk but on a sugar rush too!

LOL thanks, it was nice talking to you guys too.. I’ll make a point to call sometime soon, when I am not half (or fully) corked 😉

29 11 2006

how come I didn’t get a drunk call? Just one at, say, 6:15 in the morning? Totally okay, cause I was already up, but I thought it was Ryan’s boss calling for him, suffice to say it was not your voice I was expecting to hear!

30 11 2006

you did.. i called you 2-3 times you just weren;t home

30 11 2006

dammit! I missed it!!!

2 12 2006

di you guys get the job mom

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