Have you ever jumped out of a plane?

25 11 2006

And not one that is broken in some way, a perfectly functioning plane, and then you just jump out at 1200ft.

I went sky diving today and I can safely say that was one of the coolest things I have ever done. Absolutely amazing! You put on this shockingly sexy jump suit (dripping sarcasm) and harness, cram like 20 people into a glorified hot dog with wings, and then you jump out. I was totally exciting and the only thing I was scared about was the wind ripping my pumas off my feet while free falling (silly I know but I was worried about it none the less. The free fall was aprox 45 seconds (and fucking AWESOME) we dropped from 1200ft to 5000ft and then my instructor opened the chute.

When it we went to jump out of the plane…. there was about a half a second as we tipped out of the plan toward the ground that I thought ooohhh fuuuuck…. but then We were free falling and flying through the air….!!!!

                                          [Click for pics]

Anyway while really expensive and not something I can afford to do all the time, I would definitely like to go again some time!

{Remember click on the pictures to go to flickr and to watch the Video}

                                                                                                  [Click for Video]

Apparently there have been some problems with links, let me know if you can’t get to flickr or see the Video.

EDIT: link for the video 


I don’t understand why these video links aren’t working for people…. I test them and they work for me.. hmmm  anyway copy and paste the link



5 responses

26 11 2006

groovy…. too bad it’s so expensive. I can get to the pictures no problem, but not the video.

26 11 2006
28 11 2006

I love to skydive too. free falling is the best!!!!!
love mom

29 11 2006

have you been skydiving????

29 11 2006

Now I KNOW I come from an insane gene pool!!!


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