I take it back…

24 11 2006

I take back every disparaging remark I have made about Taiwanese drivers being the worsk drivers in the world. Brazilians, or Paulistans at least, totally take the cake. Even a police car will run you down on a cross walk.

Going anywhere with my friends in their cars makes me want to cry and i gasp a lot. that’s right me speedy nut ball driver is actually terrified at the speed and reclessness of drivers here. Makes me wanna crap my freaking pants!

Today was my last day of school, again! But I think the difference that once extra week made was worth it, I can have a (crappy) conversation now, and manage ok on my own. I just need to practice more. I think it will be easier to practice with tracey now, bc I feel a little more at ease speaking in Portuguese now (chinese is absolute crap now though).

Not much else to report, I’m tragicly broke right now, but I have an interveiw for some work on monday so hopefully I’ll be able to work a bit for the next couple of months. I’m not stressing about money bc there is absolutely no point. (or I keep telling myself) stress doesn’t solve anything, so I’m trying to figure things out as opposed to cry in my room about it (totally exagerating).

Thats about it I guess, Trace went out to this thing tonight, but I’m too tired (went to bed far too late, got up really early, biked to school, biked to the park hung out there for a mo’ then biked home and then to jujitsu for 1.5hrs and boxed for 20+ minutes. Totally wiped.. plus I have to get up at 4 tomorrow for skydiving).




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