23 11 2006

Or BBQ, meat, type joint. Went to one with Tracey, Stu and Claire last week, and they shafted us with the surprise extras, and I went to one with my school today and the bastards did it again. Less sneaky and expensive than the last one…. but still. Fuckers, heh I stole the little mug shot glasses though (that’ll teach ’em!

So I bicycled to school this morning, and I’m kinda pissed at my self that I didn’t start doing it earlier! It takes pretty much the same amount of time as the Metro, but doesn’t cost me any more money and gives my lazy bum some exercise. Bummer bc tomorrow is my last day. Bonus though, now I’ll have more free time to go do stuff.

So I am deffinately going to go skydiving… trying to decide if the video is worth the extra cost (leaning to no), ha I’ll ask if i can take my camera up :D.

I also signed up for the jujitsu madness.

Oh, btw, I am so full from the churrascaria (from like 2pm) that I’m still not hungry (at 930pm). Bummer though bc I had to skip Jujitsu bc I would have harfed on people if I had tried to train today.

ok thats all the excitement I have for now :).




2 responses

24 11 2006

skydiving! cool, i don’t think i would have the stomach for it, hten again i’m a bitty of a weenie. can’t wait to hear about it dahling.

25 11 2006

heh .. you said weenie.. heh

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