To do … or not…

22 11 2006

So, I think I mentioned before, that am thinking about doing this Jujitsu Super training, I’m leaning more toward it. More out of intrest in the experience then anything else. I’ve never done anything like it, and I probably never would bc I’d be so tired from work that I just could manage it. AH the joys of unemployment (non joy would be that sticky little money matter).

Also I just heard from my friend, and it looks like I might get to go sky diving this weekend! Kinda scary and stuff. I have always wanted to try it but it’s not been available, or, it’s too expensive, or or or… but the price is pretty reasonable I think (about 150usd,), it includes a tandam jump, the video and all that (or that’s what my friend told me).

I should know more soon. Other than that not much up, it was sunny today so I went to the park for a bit after class and before jujitsu.

Alright thats all.. oh and trying to make some plans for the next couple of months.




4 responses

23 11 2006

skydiving is awesome.You will love it. Sounds a bit expensive, since we only paid $100 in Canada, but then, we didnt get a video.. hmm…

miss you

24 11 2006

well it’s less without the video I was just told..and dude 100? seriously Everytime I’ve looked into it, it’s been 2-500usd!!

How the hell did you get it so cheap?

24 11 2006

no idea, was the regular price at the abbotsford place…

25 11 2006

man… I wanna go there.. smidge out of my way though 😀

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