21 11 2006

… as we all know I’m not the most productive person, and anyone who knows me well, knows I’m all about making beautiful little schedules, cleaning and organizing small odd things and generally just pissing about. What I’m not good at is following any schedule made by me or anyone else.

I tried for a minute making myself a little daily schedule of what I wanted to be doing and when, but I just ended up feeling cranky and bad bc I of the schedule and not following it.

So, new plan! One of my friends has mentioned this a few times in the ‘effort to get things done’, and I’m giving it a try, essentially it’s just a little list of things I want to try to do everyday. And as I do the things on my list I check them off. Such as read (more serious thinky books, which I tend to put off to the eternal tomorrow even though I actually do want to read them), go running, cycling, and practice jujitsu, yoga, plus some other athletically inclined thingies, writing replies to emails, and posting on this here blog thingie, study Portuguese and taking time to practice speaking and listening (harder than it sounds like it would be).

So I’m trying this, as I do something I just check it off, and as soon as I think “I’m bored” I look at the list to see what I wouldn’t mind doing right now. So far it seems to be working, I’m not guilting my self for not doing things and thus I’m more inclined to do more things and then I feel accomplished. I did something similar just before leaving Taiwan, about all the things I needed to to before I left.. seemed all scary and daunting on paper. But actually it wasn’t so bad and I felt great when things got scratched.

Ok well that is my thing for today :D, nap time.




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