Pirates HO!

20 11 2006

See poor little ole me is outta touch with all that is new and cool in the music and movie world… So it would be just dandy if my handy dandy spandexi friends and such would recomend any new music and movies to me, that I might like but not know about 😀

Thanks in advance…

Oh and I can’t be bothered to re write my last post, you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was brillant and clever. Moving along, we had some couch sufers last week.. and they actually well look for your self heh!  (CLick the pic for more pictures)

And also I Had written about how Brazilians are shockingly noise and such but you’ll just have to settle for the video with out my witty comments.
                                                 [CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO]




2 responses

24 11 2006

In your video, was that gun shots or fireworks I heard?
don’t forget about http://www.spellcheck.net!


24 11 2006

fireworks, though when it woke me from my nap followed by screaming I wasn’t so sure.

And if you make another spelling comment I’m gonna beat your ass… 😀

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