11 11 2006

Sat morning came with a nice little, and it was actually little, hang over, which i attempted to kill with breakfast. So I’m chatting to Jess, while Tracey gets some coffee, which she proceeds to pour all over herself. The two guys next to her laughed at her and she ended up sitting with them for breakfast, so I joined them. The laughter started minutes later and went on for the next three days, turns out that the guys where planning to leave that morning bc they hadn’t met anyone cool but they ended up talking to us for so long they missed check out time and thought fuck it these people are great! Oh and then Claire comes up and pipes up about how she always thought that the Transformers where Jamacan, bc they where the robots in ‘de skies’, as soon as I got it it damn near killed me, I was laughing so hard.

Anyway as Tracey said, instead of having the usual conversation about where you from what’s your name and what do you do… we played a guessing game, which had us concluding that one guy was ‘Philbert the Bread Flinger’, and the other was “Snuffles the Policeman’. Ok, they where really Phil and Stuart but our versions where FUNNER!!!.

We decided to ride the tram, but thought there was a chance the sky might clear for a minute or two so we thought we’d chance it and go up to the Christ Statue. We went up there, and bummer it was just one big cloud, but as luck would have it BOOM it cleared. It was great, got a few nice pics in and then went back to the hostel.
Decided to go to buy my Brazil bikini, and when we were in the store I saw these two American guys, we ended up chatting with them. Next thing I know we are walking down the beach, stopping at a plastic table joint, and having a few beers. Ended up hanging out with Mike and Eric for a few hours and then went back to our hostel again for dinner (all you can eat BBQ yum!). In the hostel bar, where dinner was, we ended up meeting back up with Stuiiiee and Phil.
To be continued……

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