Free microwave with party…

11 11 2006

So we had a little shin dig last night, was kinda weird though, bc a buncha people called to confirm that they where coming and then never showed.  Maybe they got lost? Anyway, we had a few friends over last night for drinks, and totally over anticipated how much booze we would need (likely due to over anticipating how many people where going to show).  Ah well more for us!   But total bonus, my friend Jeff (while mocking me about heating frozen soup on the stove in a pot) ask why the hell I didn;t just put in the microwave.  At which point we ask where exactly does he think we are hiding it (aka we don;t have one), to which he just offers to give us one! SWEET!!!

    I only have 2 more days at my portuguese class so I took a couple of pictures….

Hmm.. thats about it .. oh and here is my hair again, i know everyone one bites their nails in anticipation of hair up dates 😀
Fade to Blond….




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12 11 2006

Oooooh, Mag with hot hair…. sweet – too bad the red thing didn’t work out, red is much more fun 🙂 That stuff they say about blondes are big fat lies – hey did you ever see a pic of me with bleached blonde hair? I really liked it but my after a few rounds my hair actually started to break off at the roots, I was lucky it didn’t fall out

12 11 2006

lol, Thanks. Yeah I liked the red, but it faded stupidly fast to .. shudder pink, but I was tricky and did the mayonase thing (which seems to mosturize and strip Fake colour out at the same time).

I’d be up for making my hair the blond colour it is right now, but exactly about the hair all busting off.. I’m a bit paranoid to dye it again.. sulk.. oh well

whats new?

12 11 2006

nuffin new and exciting, otherwise i would have something to post. going to work this morning, i’m actually kind of stoked, need to get out of the house!

20 11 2006


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