The ‘kissing game’

10 11 2006

We met this madly young, cute boy name Raphael who is in the air force. Anyway Tracey and I (mostly Tracey) were chatting off and on with him. He was going on about how you’re supposed to do three kisses (on the cheeks) in Rio, which is actually true but only for married people according to my other friends.

So we all give this three cheek kiss thing ago, now my being drunk and cheeky i said that’s no good, makes you all dizzy. It should be one on each cheek and one on the mouth. He’s like hmm good Idea, (Tracey is laughing) and while I expected it I was still a little surprised at the tongue down my throat. Actually he was a good kisser, the funny thing was all night I kept going on about how i was going to kiss some random person on the street bc all these people couldn’t possibly know each other. Some how I unwittingly achieved my goal for the evening. chuckle.




4 responses

10 11 2006

Did his tongue give you tonisilitis then?

11 11 2006

snicker… you ARE cheeky!

11 11 2006

possibly, or the other one.. that story is coming soon..and is much worse!

11 11 2006

heh, I know!

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