9 11 2006

So on we got up early Friday morning, caught the bus and made it to Rio de Janeiro (which means river of January, btw) without incident. The ‘hu people are crazy’ surprises started there. People warned us about all the crazy dangers (insert eye roll here) about things the bus station etc.. anyway long story short there wasn’t much in the way of danger as long as you weren’t being fucking retarded…..

Anyway met this girl from South Africa named Thanu at the bus station and after much crappy trekking we ended up staying at the same hostel with her, in our room we met these two cool Brit girls Jess and Claire. (more on the girls later)

That night (fri) we went to this street party in LAPA, basically like a night market that served drinks, and the people from the clubs spilling out onto the streets. It was a decent time, lots a drinks me faking Samba dancing, hanging with these random Canadian girls, and random Brazilian guys. Then we went home in a rent-a-bus, where I would have gotten wildly lost if it where not for the other people we came back with.

To be continued…..




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11 11 2006

Sounds like fun…. hope you are feeling better 🙂

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