Sick… sulk

8 11 2006

ok, i have heaps to report about the weekend I even made notes in a note book so i would forget the good bits when writing, but since I have gotten back my Tonsilitis has flaired up (bummed bc it was chronic, acute for over a year, but cleared up) hopefully it’s not going to be like last time.

I hate taking medication but it is interfering with my life and pissing me off, haven’t been to jujitsu or done anything except go to school and sulk since the weekend. Plus it really hurts so i caved and went to the drug store (fun you don’t need a doctor for anibiotics 😀 good thing I’m smart and know what the problem is and know how to treat it.. no middle man!). Anyway We’ll see how I am tomorrow, I felt like death warmed over on tues, and i slept for most of the day today, (from 3/4-10 and about to go back to bed again. Lots of rest, home made soup, and drugs, hopefully that will sort things out in my body nicely, but will have to wait and see…

I promise to post lots of stories and pictures (don’t have too many pics bc I didn’t always take the camera out). But to sum up Rio, nice fun place, the danger is wildly over exagerated (as usual) as long as one is reasonably cautious things are fine (tho I suppose part of my impression there is influenced by the fact that I blend).



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