And so it goes…

2 11 2006

Well I haven’t post in a few days bc I’ve been busy with school. I’ve been going to Portuguese classes from 9-1 everyday. It’s been really busy, but it’s been good I’m learning a fair amount and met some cool people at the school. Unfortunately Caroline will be going way down south to Porta Alegra, but I think Jessica will be around for a while, and Ikue will be here for a another 5 months.

I’ll try to get some pics of everybody later, Anyway it’s a Holiday today.. something about dead people, kinda like tomb sweeping weekend in Taiwan. So we are leaving early in the morning to go to Rio De Janeiro, hopefully the weather will be better than here (all yucky and raining). But either way we intend to party it up all weekend.

Well I guess I had better write my homework, as I’m not planning to take my books with me, well I might take one with me.

Also I’ve been practicing jujitsu fairly often, I was kinda cranky on Monday though bc one of the guys beat me up.. ok the huge bruise on my arm was amusing, the split lip was fine, but i was mad upset about my ear… it’s all complicated but basically your ear fills with blood and if it happens too much you get cauliflower ears.. yuck… anyway it’s not too bad. but still yuck.

One of the guys said I can use his ear guards until I go home, so that should save me some cash. I’ve been kinda lazy this week though.. kinda burned out from going to class ha used to doing sweet fuck all all day… I’m gonna die when I get back to Taiwan have .. gasp .. go to work.




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3 11 2006

Wow, i can’t believe the weather, i kinda thought it was sunny and warm all the time. shitty thing about your ear. i’m not so sure i would be all that calm about a split lip, but it guess it’s all in the name of training. good for you for sticking with it.

9 11 2006

nah the weather in Sao Paulo is a moody cunt… annoying as hell sunny and gorg one day and cold as all hell and pouring rain for the next week.. bah

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