Nokia 5 years…

26 10 2006

So the offical life span of a Nokia phone when dropped uncountable times, magically not stolen or lost (which is what happens to most of my phones) is apparently 5 years.  The phone I bought when I first moved to Taiwan 5 years ago has been dropped one too many times.  and now it’s not feeling the opperational status. 
Poor phone Bummer bc I thought I was going to get away with no buying a phone but now It looks like I might have to.. bleh.  If I do I will be going to the chiniesey market to try to get one for less.  I’m also going to ask all my friends and look online too.

In other news my mad cool red hair has disapointingly quickly faded to pink.. it’s a super bummer after the loreal purple Dye disaster (package said red .. but so not) and then actually managed to get my paws on professional salon stuff and still fade fade fade to pink….
Purple?Pink hair

Also I would like to issue a warning: be careful a wee little girls that look all tiny and dainty… bc they may have been training Jujitsu for 3 years and even though they are only 11 years old they are frighteningly stong and tough.  Tracey and I both got beat up by Miss teeny tiny!.  Nuts! anyway.. Practice was good yesterday but I’m skipping out today, i could blame it on the bruises I have all over (my face and legs are the worst) but really it’s just bc I’m lazy and feel like lounging instead I’ll go tomorrow.  I think I’ve done pretty good went three times last week, missed monday and thursday this week but I’m going tomorrow. and really i might change my mind and go today anyway,  we’ll see.  So far I like it, but I liked boxing more, when I go home i think I will start training for boxing again (unless this grabs my attention more) I’ll probably keep doing Jujitsu too, but I like solitary sports these days and boxing training can be done alone.




2 responses

28 10 2006

groovy hair, too bad it’s not lasting

29 11 2006

You need to use Punky Colour. It will last forever! Or weeks, at least. You can get it on EBay. 🙂


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