Lazy Girl

23 10 2006

Ok well here are some Pictures, no real excuse for taking so long about it other than I’m a lazy little monkey :D:D

First, lets talk about Brazilan’s and their pants phobia…. seriously constantly thought everone was naked (Danilo and Raph and Tracey)

With the no pants??Tracey and Raph

Just a couple of pictures of us all hanging out from left to right Marina Raphael Me and Tracey. raph in the car
Marina, Me, Raphael, and TraceyRaphael
the boys being gay… came rather easily to them..
HA Gay boyz giggle
Our living room and a park with a lake in Sao Paulo and Nadine and I being silly with hats
the living roompark in Sau Paulobiatches
And some Pics from back in Canada,  Me being cheeky and drinking in Public, and sarah at english bay, and my sister’s weiner dog!
Drinking in publicSarah at the beachOSCAR
Some pics from Smithers Me and missy cat, Shola (Erica), and bex
me and my puddy Tatme 'n sholabex and me
And Saving the best one for last!!  this is the Famous homeless photo.  we were out shopping and were gettingintermitantly terrible service.  People were shockingly rude and disrepectful to me, we couldn;t figure out what was up untill i looked in the glass and realized with the hoodie the Rain and the jeans with a hole in the knee.. well see for your self.. hhahahahah (clearly this is posed and I didn;t look like that all day but funny none the less)




3 responses

24 10 2006

wow no pants, what a life, you look like your having fun. yaaaaaay

26 10 2006

seriously you’d think it would be exciting but no.. it’s just disturbing 😛

28 10 2006

AAAAAHHHHHH the homeless pic, so much better than mine, snicker. when you gonna e-mail some pics???

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