Just when you think you’ve moved past the P.O.S. point in your life :)

20 10 2006

I thought the days of my intentionaly investing Pieces of Shit where over… but low I just bought a super wad of a bike … from no other than walmart (I know they are evil…. and I just don’t care neener neener…) best place ever!

So I bought me an offical POS bike for my entertainment and buttal torture. Gonna look into portuguese classes next week, I’m not learning enough on my own… If i had basic skill I would be ok.. but I have nothing to work with.

My fingers hurt, my knee’s hurt and I am suffering from old man back… fucking sports… :D. Luckily it’s the weekend so I’m not lame for taking a jujitsu break (ha ha no classes on the weekends)back on monday.

Oh plus while crusing around today we found a pool with semi not outragious prices… but as i still can’t swim we’ll see what happens there… I really need to fill up my day more.. so far it.. nothing in the morning followed by nothing in the afternoon, some jujitsu and then some more nothing.. heh.

I so need to become independantly wealthy.. so I never have to work again.. retirment is wasted on the old I say….




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22 10 2006

Thanks for the phone call, sorry i kept hanging up the fricking phone! guess i can’t eat and talk at the same time, at least i can’t cradle the phone while i’m eating! can’t see your locked entry, so i’m glad you told me about it! talk soon! And yes my refridgerator is running just fine. Thanks for asking – you tit!

23 10 2006

ok the refridgerator thing was hilarious especially the bit where you got huffy and hung up.. heh.

No worries talk soon.. you could always call me too 😀
I’ll email you my new house number

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