19 10 2006

‘s Halloween party:

adventuremily dressed as a easy circuit.
bowet000 dressed as the main character of “Gone with the Wind”.
darth_jordy gets drunk, strips naked, and somehow emerges dressed as the Earl of Moscow.
fiestyray dressed as Jerry Bruckheimer.
herefishy dressed as a new superhero: Scarab Nimbus.
lil_razzberry dressed as the Governor of Massachusetts.
pbphoto dressed as George Washington.
silverblu dressed as Ted Williams.
tuesdaysarah dressed as the Neurotic Power Ranger.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
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7 responses

20 10 2006

wft is an easy circuit?? if i knew what it was, i might actually dress like it!!!Why I am the only person dressed as an unknown inanimate object or idea??? Dammit! The last blogthing i tried told my my life was most like the movie ‘Better Off Dead’….

20 10 2006

Hey! I don’t need alcohol to strip naked!

21 10 2006

oh yeah??? show us what ya got!!! wait a minute… no…. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! sorry jordy, couldn’t help it! 😛

21 10 2006

Who is Ted Williams? These costumes suck….

21 10 2006

hahaahahha i have no clue .. mine sucked and it wouldn’t let me reset it..poo

21 10 2006

(eye roll) of this i have no doubt… but the alcohol might attribute for the earl of moscow.. snicker

21 10 2006

he’s that guy from that thing.. you know the one with the um.. pengins..n yeah thats it (shrug.. i got nothing)

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