AHHHH rain…. sulk

19 10 2006

What the fuck… this is the southern hemisphere right? what the hell happened to global warming… it’s cold as alll fuck and raining. and has been since last week. I’m getting so twitchy and depressed…. I need some fucking sunlight before I just burst into tears… Tracey is currently trying to look up a tanning place so I don’t turn into a whiny ball of suckage.

So yesterday was kinda interesting, I got to bust out my chinese. And while I am fully aware of how bad it is, it’s better than I thought it was. Since I feel comfortable communicating in it. We wanted a router (to hook up 2 computers) but electronics are wickedly expensive here…. out of control really. But someone told us to go to this specific place that imported electronics from Taiwan and china for significantyless money than normal stores.

I swear it was great,I was pretty much the computer market in Taipei, only less chinese people. Yeah so we went into a place run buy a chinese dude, bargened and got our router for a decent price. plus i got to do the talking!!! Then we went to the place that the Taiwan economic buisness officetold me to go to, to try to change my Taiwan dollars in to reais. Totally sketchy area…. would not wanna be there at night! Anywayit was super exciting bc it was a Travel agent that hada unch ofTaiwanese people there (again with the people that i can talk to!). And super exciting, they exchanged my NTD to Reais for me a a totaly decent exchange rate!!!! I was pretty happy about that!

Then i went to Jujitsu, I thinkI like it. Plus its cool way to meet people, everyone has been super col so far. only a few people speack much English, But that’s ok I thinkIt will really help me Learn Portuguese. I’m going again tonight and i’m going to Pay for one month, and probably order a gi.

Ok well back to the living room to watch Grey’s anatomy

Pictures coming soon.. Today maybe…




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