OYE, make Comments you fuckers!!!!

18 10 2006

Ok just bc a girl takes little posting break everyone just up and abandones her??? WTF… I want a refund….
AKA… posting fiend has returned see below… 😀

Ok, now I might, maybe, possibly, be a little squirly bc I couldn’t really sleep last night and I gave up at 6 this morhing, studied portuguese for a while, had a reeeeeeaaaaallllly long shower to combat the unusual chilliness today, studied some more, read some of my trashy fluff book (thanks Tys they are fun books)and then decided to take advantage of the time to hog the computer. We are going to go try to buy a router today, heh from some Taiwanese folks bc aparently they import electronics and sell them for cheaper.. heh… so I’m hoping they speak chiniese bc you can bargen with them and if I can do it in Chinese I know I can get a better price.

Hmm what to write about, well I can’t post pictures bc they are still on my computer.

Ah the weekend, We went away for the weekend with a couple of brazilian friends and their families. It was good, but unfortunately the weather was a little ass so we were all trapped at the house most of the time, since there were like 2-3 families there it was a little cozy. And I was this amazing interesting anomoly to everyone bc I look deceptively Brazilian but don’t speak portuguese. So pretty much I hid from the freak adults and read my book in the evenings bc they scared me :P.

Our friends Danilo, Raphael, and Marina, where all pretty cool, but some times it kinda felt liek there was pressure to be more fun. I mean come on, it was too cold to swim it wasn’t sunny and it was raining half the time. Obviously I don;t wanna swim and get sick. But other than that I still had a good time. Will definiately be up for going again when the weather gets hotter. Plus Raph promised to teach me how to surf!!! yeah!!! I have totally always wanted to try, though I thinkI need to work on my fear of waves :P.

Ok.. Thats all for this min, if I continue to be bored out of my skull I might write more… 😛




5 responses

18 10 2006

snicker….you spazzed… snicker….!!!! tell ya what, you learn to surf, and I’ll learn to drive. i’ll e-mail you and update you on everything, i’ve got the day off today so i’ll have more than five fricking seconds to get shit done around here.

19 10 2006

holy shit, how did i not get all these posts?

21 10 2006

where is this fabled email I have heard tell of? praytell…>.<

21 10 2006

it’s the live journal gnomes… sneaky little bastards!

21 10 2006

I bloody e-mailed you later that day…. you didn’t get it? fucking computers…. I’ll resend kay?

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