17 10 2006

Omigod so excited, I now have internet access, unfortunately my computer isn;t hooked up yet, probably tomorrow so I’m not feeling the super posting. But I need to write about the cute tech guys!!! Since when are tech cable computer dudes hot??? ok well one was just a normal to dorky dude but the other one was cuuute. Oh and then I was watching tv while Tracey was on the computer and I came across one of those tv selling channels. Guess what they where selling, go on guess, you’ll never guess. Give up? Cow semen… for like 13-25 reias a dose… I practically wet my pants I was lauging so hard. So tempted to order some and send it to someone hahahahahahahhahahahahahhah.

On an entirely different yet equally random note, they have the best thing here…. fast chocolate fondue, that’s write you just order a little bowl of fruit and yummy warm chocolate… did I mention that already? maybe but it’s worth mentioning twice if I did…. Seriously so good!

So Tracey and I where like rats in cage today, bc we had to stay home all day waiting for the internt dudes, and of course they came right near the end of the suggested time frame. we amused ourselves by flopping on the couch like dead fish, moving furniture repeatatively, whining, and flapping sheets.. sad really… :D. Almost wet ourselves when the guys showed up.

oh.. bored of sitting her pictures and stuff to come soon.. especially when I get hooked up to my computer :D.




2 responses

18 10 2006

what the fuck would anyone want cow semen for???? nasty – send some to me, i’ve got a christmas party coming up for work, what better gift is there than that? heh heh

21 10 2006

I know.. I KNOW!!!! So weird!!!! I can’t believe that this is one of the posts no one can see i might have to re post the cow giz bit just bc it’s so outa control nuts!!! chuckle

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