Jesus is your mister

3 10 2006

I arrived in Sau Paulo this morning .. caught up with that Tracey.  We wandered around the area for a bit and passed this hilarious tv like churches.  one of which had in huge gold letters  Jesus is your Mister. ok that a bad translation but fun fun fun for me!.  ha ha ha 
ok I need to chil more later.
Tho not much not to tell yet 🙂




2 responses

5 10 2006

Hey there missy, hope you are enjoying your time in Brazil so far. Did you ever get your phone back? I am slowly getting on my feet, it is a long hard freakin’ road though. Thanks for the phone call, I know I probably sounded a little elusive but it was hard to talk with Ryan sitting in the next room. I have been trying to stay away from the computer the past week or so but hopefully we can chat soon. Love ya babe.

5 10 2006

no hence the people suck post… 😦
no worries I figured elusiveness was due to him being right there.

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