Lucky me… only in Canada, certainly not in Taiwan

1 10 2006

Man.. I thought my phone was in my pocket when I left the house this morning but  a few blocks from the house I realized I didn’t have it.  Now in all my years of phone toting I have never had one fall out of my pocket, so I just assumed I must have left it at the house on the coffee table.  Didn’t give it another thought.  Now I’ve had a long ass day. 

   I went to meet Dryw at metrotown, for coffee and chatting.  that was really nice to get a chance to catch up with him, did a bit of shopping and got to hear about some classic psyco girl he was seeming.  Always fun fun fun, especially with the msn break up HA!    Told him about my ‘scandal’.   And then let him get on the train as he was freezing to death listening to my story.  

    Did some more shopping, picked up a few things that I needed, and hopped on the skytrain and then bus and then another bus to Maple ridge to see my sister and nephew (was his 20th birthday).    The bus sucked… no wonder they have so much vehicular trouble with too many cars!!! transit is ass if you have to go any distance.   It took me 2+ hours to get there and then I didn’t even make it to where i was supposed to be, and some one had to come get me.. bah.  Clearly as I didn’t make it to my sister’s place until 730, I was totally not going to make it to Jordy’s pirate party (actually Laura’s birthday).  Finally hopped the bus and meandered my way back to van.

  I finally got back to the appartment just now (1 am).  to find… oh shit no phone…. so I went wild and tried to call it.  Hmmm.. not in the house.. bad sign but it was ringing… and slap me silly and call me sally.. SOMEONE ANSWERED IT!!!!!  Not only did dude answer it he was really nice, told me he found it on the street down town (clearly it did fall out of my pocket), and while I hope buddy wasn’t using it all day.  At least he didn;t just chuck my sym card and keep the phone.  Not only did he not just throw out my card, but he answered it, offered to meet me tomorrow and gave me his home number to call tomorrow so he I can call him with out calling the taipei number.  Only in Canada….. 🙂 go Canada :D….

  that and I must be mad lucky 🙂

Haven’t heard from Erik so I guess lunch is off, that’s ok, Will meet up with Jordy.  And supposed to meet up with Lindsay and Sacha later too.. 🙂 and then pack pack pack :)..




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2 10 2006

cool that you got your phone back.

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