1 10 2006

What the hell… is everyone actually allergic to making plans?  I mean don’t get me wrong, I am pretty bad about commiting to things.. but this is just silly.  This is my last weekend here, and if I just end up chilling till I go, that’s cool.  But I actually  had freaking plans… and while they weren’t written in stone, i kept putting other family and friends (that I had already seen but wanted to see me again) off for these people I haven’t seen. 

  I’m not upset about it I just think it’s odd and silly.

I was supposed to be lunching with Erik today, but he has disapeared.  It’s not a crisis as I had to blow off Laura, and Jordy’s party last night so I’ll be hanging out with them instead :).  And Lindsay and Sacha are being flakes I still haven;t heard from them.  In all fairness they may have tried to text me but my phone is at some random dudes house in freaking POCO.  that sucks major ass as I don;t know where or how or how long it’s going to take me to get it back.  At least I am getting it back.. 🙂




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