Ooops I suck…

29 09 2006

Well I suck, but at least I know I do!  Been busy in that lazy poo eating kinda way.  Hanging with mom, chowing on nummy food man good thing I don;t live here… (I would be as big as a house!).  I seriously suspect I have eaten more in the past few days than the past few weeks.. 😀

 I got to spend some serious quality time with my kitty, I was kinda sad to say good bye to Missy Cat.  since she is 23-4 years old, and I don’t know when I’ll have another chance to go home.  So really the chances of her still being alive are pretty damn slim.  That made me a little sad, I have had her since I was a little kid.  Oh well, she’s still healthy and happy :).

 Had a good visit with mom, only a couple of tiffs and she made fun of my hair before I left, i look a bit like a calico cat, chuckle.  Well not really but i had the colour stripped out in big streaks on my head, they will be red later but I need to recondition my hair first.  Otherwise the bloody red will come out right away like it did last time ..grr.. but I have red dye so I’ll get Tracey to help me put the red in later.

Unfortunately I still haven’t put my pictures on the computer.  Thus I haven’t posted my great homeless kid story.  That and a few others, which I will likey forget, ok I’ve already forgotten.

I will mention my current disasters, the bank messed up sending me my Visa card.  Which sucks majorly since they canceled the old one, and all my money is for paying bills so everything I spend here has to be on my visa.  That is challenging as I don’t HAVE ONE NOW!!!! grr.. oh well c’est la vie.  Also, i made a Huge mistake bring my cash home instead of wiring it here, I lost about $400 cad on the exchange rate… bummer.. oh well … I’ll figure it out. 

Ok well I;’m bored of typing now so I’m going to amuse myself with mindless tv 😀




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