Cold in Vancouver

17 09 2006

I arrived Sat afternoon, to a sunny and slightly chilli afternoon.  Becky was there to pick me up, YAY.  First thing I noticed being back…. people wear too much perfume here.. it was like a smorgasborge of smells and not reall yin a good way… Kinda over whelming.  

   We took the bus back into town and bex complained (quietly) about how long the bus was taking.  On the way to her house we realized (handily) that she actually lives not only down town near my friend Troy (who I’ll be staying with in a min) but she actually lives in the same building (go stack of fags!!).  So that’s pretty convient as I have to go there tonight.  On monday my friend Nadine gets into town and I’ll being out to Maple ridge to stay with my sister with Nadine for a few days.

  Over all Canada has been nice, chilly and a little dull.. but I’m just chilling and refusing to have jet lag (tee hee Xanax is my friend)… I have to get back to making the omelet, becky isn’t allowed to touch it bc she’ll fuck it up.

I’ll try to get out to take some pictures today.. but maybe not bc It’s mucho chilli and raining 😛




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18 09 2006

DUll.. we went shopping and everything oh well anyhow see you in smithers

18 09 2006

SEE YOU TOMORROW BABY!!! Oh hell yeah… I’m so frigging stoked!!!

18 09 2006

hey I just wanna make sure the address of the bus station your going to is on main and terminal .. the vancouver station right? so I don;t end up going to the wrong place :D:D

18 09 2006


18 09 2006

that’s the one, dahling. still can’t get texts from you… so weird.

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