15 09 2006

I am packed I guess, and have actually sorted most of my stuff and stored or gotten rid of it.  I was as on point as i would have liked.. I didn’t get everything that I wanted to done, but much better than I have ever done before so kudo’s to me. 🙂  I decided not to pack my rollerblades bc (i had room) they are really big and Tracey syas I probably won;t get much usuage out of them.  I would hate to lug them around the world for no reason… I guess I’m going to have to bite the bullet and become a bit of a cyclist (especially if i wanna get around to training for and doing a triathalon.. that and learn to swim :P)

    Just finishing cleaning my room, and then out for a goodbye snack and cake with Jenn… and then toodles Taiwan. 

Oh a little ego trip, I went to my old school (sesame street) to say good bye and was greeted like I’d been gone since the begining of time and got more hugsage then I have ever recoieved (plus a couple of students told me on the sly that classes suck not that I’m not teaching.  🙂 They probably do, not su much bc I rock.. which I do, but bc I am mad silly and like to play.




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