Got ma Visa baby…

13 09 2006

Ok well I have my Visa now, no problem. Thought I was a little worried bc I didn‘t have a Bank statement (I just had a huge wad of money), and I they didn’t take my flight info. But they took my flight info when I went in today and gave me my visa. Cool. It’s a 5 year multiple entry Visa (3 month duration, can be extended to 6 months) So any time int he next 5 years I can go back if I like, that’s nice. So I have my ticket, my moola, (soon to be gone I’m sure) I’m more than 50% packed, and am not crying, so far triumph! Also I have taken care of everything for while I’m gone, work, rent, phone (cell and house), yoga membership, they’re all ok.

Of course right now I should be doing some last min packing and sorting of crap instead of pissing on the computer (Oh shit I forgot to return those videos.. stupid messy desk)… but apparently this is what is floating my boat. Actually I had a very busy and (well it felt like it anyway) productive day. Went to work, went to Tienmu to get my Visa, stopped in to see my fiend Andy on my way home and we went for lunch. That was actually a very nice (surprise) addition to my day. Andy is a friend of mine who definitely has some different perspectives on things, and he is very intelligent and interesting (and sometimes scathingly bitchy!!! HUH!!!! I love it.. chuckle .. the mastering of the Chinese HUH.. GRIN!!!). 

Ha Silly Jenn, she freaked me out with a message saying “Crisis we have a problem”, I thought Oh shit what’s happened… but no she’s being a goof.. she’s decided I can;t go bc she’s gonna miss me too much 😀 .. Thanks Hun! I’m gonna miss you too! We’ll chat and call though (get skype).

  Ok I’m mad sleepy so anything else I was going to say is just going to have to wait..




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14 09 2006

E-mail me your sister’s phone # so I can get a hold of you when I get into Van. I’ll need an address too, because I’ll have to take a cab to her place. Wow, you are almost ready to go. I’ll see you in a few days!

15 09 2006

you ask these things like I know .. chuckle

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