Revver is cooler than You tube

10 09 2006

So the site I’m putting my video’s on is mucho cooler than You tube, since I don;t care about random people viewing or not viewing my video’s are (for now anyway) it’s just for my friends‘  and my own personal amusement.  The site is called Revver.  and what makes it so cool is you get money for putting up your videos, now while it’s just a wee bit oh change it can add up eventually I’m sure…. and it’s kinda fun!.  Add a little excitement to the video posting experience!

“We’re here to help you earn money from your videos. Posting your videos is easy, free, and will get your work in front of a big audience (and it’s also a good way to share videos with friends). But Revver is much more than that – every video you upload is tagged so that you can earn money when people watch.” Click for more information. 

  Basically, you post video’s they put an ad at the end, and you get paid.! Nice, now clearly they will have something to make sure you’re not being cheeky and just self clicking a 1000 times, or that your friends aren’t just clicking like mad on everything.  But I figure if I click on the ad, mosey around the link for a bit and actually look at it, or click on things that at least mildly interest me then I’m not doing anything wrong.  Hell the advertisers should be giddy, since i just clicked and looked at something that I most likely would have just ignored under other circumstances.  That my take on it anyway.

I don;t think you guys fully appreciated the nose one.. did you miss it?? seriously totally the best one and it has like no views!!!!



3 responses

10 09 2006

I did watch the nose one before, but I guess I didn’t click on that add…. so I did just now. When you get rich, I will let you buy me a new car. snicker!

10 09 2006

i love the nose one, its funny, i mean ya diet coke and mentos is fun to but way over rated cause everyone is doing it now, but how many nose ones can you google and find on the internet…… NONE…
anyhow see you sooon magda,

10 09 2006

This is what I’m saying!!! whoop nose nose

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