Missy Elliot Put on a very poor show

10 09 2006

So, Jenn and I went for lunch yesterday.  while bs-ing and just generally being silly, her friend called and asked up if we wanted to join them for the Missy Elliot concert that evening.  After some hemming and Hawing we finally decided oh, what the hell!   Meanwhile we go off looking at the new kick ass 3G Nokia and Sony phones, so cool.  Meet this guy to give money for tickets, and go shopping.  All ’round fun day.
   Shopping was good and fun, you know how it goes.  Start at Mango make faces at the prices, then skip on down to net where there is almost always a lovely sale on the already cheap shit (cute but cheap).  Yeah fun, we rooted through the f’ugly plies for a while and managed to pull out a couple of jewels each (ha and got the same skirt, which is amusing as we bothe decided to wear it out later).  Then we had to venture back in the sudden down pour, Jenn running barefoot in the rain and me laughing insanely at her. 

   We were supposed to meet there around 9 or something, but Jenn’s friends took bloody forever, eventually I got bored and went on ahead with out them, I wish i had left earlier, apparently my roommate and her crew opened for Missy and they sounded like they were really cool.  I got there right around the time Missy went on stage.  And what a piss poor effort on her part, jet lag, tired, not feeling the groove what ever I don;t give a shit.  You are a fucking performer!  She did not preform, she half assedly lip synced a couple of songs (go milly vanilli, at least they did it with style), talked to the crowd for a min in the least energetic and bored voice ever, introduced her dancers had they do a big dancing show (like 30 min), lip synced a couple more songs and then just left.  no encore even though everyone was screaming and shouting (well as much as they do here).  If it wasn’t for her Dancers (who were admittedly very hot and good) she would even have a show.  Just pathetic, I hope when Jay Z comes he’s not this lame (I won’t be here but for the people who are here and do go).

  Anyway, our VIP tickets got us free entrance into Room 18, So we raided the local convenience store (that was smart and stocked up on chilled beverages) Had about 3 drinks each, and then went in to the ridiculously over packed club.  It was ok but really busy.  Jenn and I decided to make the best of it and hijacked the speaker ‘stages’ and danced up a storm.  Over all I had a good day and night, but the concert was disappointing.  I will say Missy’s dancers were just as pretty up close as they were on stage, better even bc they smelled yummy too…   (they showed up at the bar around 2am).  I went home ’round 3 bc my feet were dead. 

I’ve just enjoyed a rather lazy Sunday.  I woke up at 9am, talked to a couple of friends had some really interesting and fun conversations that I really enjoyed, and generally just started the day off nicely.  I also experimented and played around with some computer stuff that was really nice too but I’ll have to save that for another time bc I’ve had enough of the typing.  Off to watch Hustle and Flow and do laundry.




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11 09 2006

Hey, sounds like you had a really good time. Glad to hear it. I’m pretty mellow here, but will be going to Curitiba tomorrow. Meanwhile, I am trying not to crap my pants while waiting for the random dude to finish fixing Leo’s toilet!!! ARGH!

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