Holey mentos

9 09 2006

dude these guys took their experiment far more seriously than we did .. cool!




6 responses

9 09 2006

ya i have seen that one, what a great use for aspertine and lovely little mints

9 09 2006

that is soooo cool

9 09 2006

…that you’d never believe it. It’s been a rough day.

Seriously, though. I now have an idea for so many things…. 😉

10 09 2006

Seriously, it just never ended! Hahhaha

10 09 2006

goddamn that was cool. I liked yours though because it made me laugh watching you get coke sprayed all over. Or maybe tracey riding that chair. Woot woot.

10 09 2006

I know talk about dedication! I really enjoyed it actually… might go watch it again.. but I like mine better bc something about my hysterical laughter jiggles my chuckle reflex. Just thinking about my laugh in that video makes me giggle.

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