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3 09 2006

So I’ll be working more than I like next week poo, but I guess it;s good bc My a/c broke :(:(:(, and that’s gonna cost me.  I’m all hot and sticky bletch. oh well I get it back tomorrow morning :D.

    On a different note, I’m learning how to be more aware and better about my money, now is as good a time as any, better even as I will have limited money for the next little bit.  I have this new computer program that I’m trying out (the free trail for now) Called money dance.  You can categorize and track all of your incoming and out going cash.  It’s funny how anal you get about some missing change :P.  I wish I had gotten into this months or even years ago, but better late than never (tho I would probably be debt free already if I had done it earlier). I hope to be out of debt within a year to a year and a half after I get back from Brazil.  So I’m reading this book (slowly bc it hasn’t got any dragons in it :P) Called your money or your life.  We’ll see what happens 🙂 Here’s the web page for the money dance thingy is any one is interested in checking it out :).

Also I  was directed to this cool Internet radio thing called Pandora.  You just enter the name of an artist or song you like and it tries to find similar stuff for you to listen to, and you can say if you like something or not, and if you want it to play more or less, it’s free if you use the version with the ads (they’re just hanging out in the corner. They don;t bother me.  Anyway I kinda like it, check it out.  Free tunes. and excellent way to check stuff out and find new artists or songs you like.

Well I’ve been messing with things on my computer for a couple of hours now and it’s upset :P, I think I’ll do the standard windows fix and restart it :D.

Ha anything to get out of packing 😉




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4 09 2006

hey thx for pandora, i love it whatever i feel like listing too they have it. cool
oh my see you soon

4 09 2006

How did you get Pandora to work without a zipcode?

4 09 2006

oh i just typed random numbers

5 09 2006

me too
i think

5 09 2006

sweeeeeeeeeeeet…. so I should be able to let you know by tonight (I guess it will be morning for you) if I’ll be able to make it to van. Let’s hope it all works out!!!

6 09 2006

No wai! Magda wanting to be better with her money? This has to be seen to be believed.

hugs and see you soon(in Van).

6 09 2006

I use Quickbooks for small business. Its pretty good for tracking income and outcome, if you treat yourself like a business. I used to use that Microsoft Money program, but I found it harder to organize than the Quickbooks. Good luck with your money organization… …its taken me forever to figure that one out too. 😉

Can’t wait to see ya!

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