22 08 2006

I am procrastinating, and doing a fine good job of it!!!!  I have managed to do very very little today so far (yeah me!),  about to get back to the tearing apart of my room, but it’;s so hard.. so many useful and lovely little things I just keep telling myself “if i was going home and not coming back what would I do with this?”  It’s working fairly well, but I’m still sniffling and shirking at the tossage of thins out.. sigh… putting things away for starage isn;t too bad though, It’s pretty easy to look at my things (clothes etc, and be like well no reason to take that wiht me (winter coats and such), so away you go 🙂

Ok that’s enough procrastination back to work.




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23 08 2006

hey i am wondering did you get my message the other day, i am going to pick you up and then i am flying home on the morrning of the 18th of sept so you can stay at my house until sun. so you are going to have to find somewere to say for the rest of the time here in van. get lots of sleep on the plane so we can go out
any how let me know that you got this

23 08 2006

Throwing stuff out sucks ass… I’m terrible for hanging on the little crap things that I NEVER use, and totally don’t need. I cracked down on myself this last time we moved, tho… it was hard but I got rid of lots of stuff that was serving no purpose except taking up space.

23 08 2006

no worries it;s all good 🙂

23 08 2006

I know and the worst par tin heaps of it are useful I just don;t need it, growing up poor makes me really not wanna throw it out bc someone somewhere might want or need it GEH..

23 08 2006

i know exactly what you mean!

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