21 08 2006

HE so I subbed for my friend Wally today, and who should walk into class but my student Kevin! One of my kids from sesame street that I taught for 3 years that just left the school.  Ha I knew the ‘they are moving to san chong” story sounded awfully fishy to me!  Any way was cool to see him, this class and school are nuts kids of all different levels mixed in, half of then can;t really read but are being force fed stuff even though they can;t sound it out .   And the boss was all over me for my contact info, and promises I would keep in contact when I got back bc they like me blah blah, and thatw as before they found out I was Kevin;s teacher and that I had taught Kevin all the english he knew.  Good god…. then it was really nuts.  The funniest thing about Kevin is his English is really good, he speaks quite well reads very well, and writes pretty well for his age and level, but he’s deadly shy, and hates being wrong so he usually says nothing until he’s sure he;s got it right and then knocks your socks off.. ha ha.

   Ok I’m done back to the evil grinde that is my room.. hmm maybe I’ll go for a run instead 😉




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